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We can make your own temporary tattoos super fast. You simply upload a picture and choose the size. We will produce your unique temporary tattoos in Malmö, Sweden the same day.


The more sheets of temporary tattoos that you buy, the bigger your discount will be. Our graduated scale gives you bigger discounts the more you buy.

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Cluster of images. Like ink temporary tattoos.porära tatueringar
Dermatologically logga


EU Cosmetic Regulation logo

EU 1223 / 2009

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Kemikalietest logotyp.


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Skull tattoo on wrist and arm.


In this product category there are skulls, kind and modern skulls, skulls with wings, old school skulls, big, small, happy and angry skull tattoos!

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Tattoo on calf. Tattoo motif flamingo. Flamingo as tattoo.


The best of both worlds. World-class temporary tattoos with lovely nature designs. All our temporary tattoos are vegan.

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Tattoo dice. Design dice.



We recommend using jpg, jpeg, svg, png files. Keep in mind that high quality uploaded images result in high quality temporary tattoos. Any portion of the uploaded image that is white will be transparent on the skin.

Our sheets of temporary tattoos are 20×14 cm in size.

What a fun question, and of course, the answer is yes! Our sheets of temporary tattoos are vegan, which means they are not tested on animals and contain no animal products. The tattoos are labeled with I’M VEGAN.

  • Cut the tattoo from the sheet with as little margin as possible.
  • Begin by removing the protective plastic film.
  • Place the temporary tattoo on the skin.
  • Press on the tattoo with a wet sponge for 30 seconds.
  • Carefully remove the wet paper.
  • Finished!

The manufacturer of the material from which we make your temporary tattoos uses environmentally friendly glue, paper, and carrier. The ink we print with is Swan Ecolabelled. Like Inks’ rub-on tattoos are hypoallergenic, and the material we print on is tested. They are recommended and can be used without risk of known allergies by anyone over three years old. The three-year age limit is set not because a younger child’s skin reacts to rub-on tattoos but because they could eat them. Like Ink follows EC1223-2009 Cosmetics Regulations (EU regulation on cosmetic products regarding safety). If skin becomes irritated: Rinse with plenty of water. Like Inks’ tattoos are vegan, and we offset the carbon emissions of all shipments. Envelopes and packing slips are Swan Ecolabelled. Read more about the environment and allergies under the Environment Policy tab.

No. It is true that the image must be mirrored to sit correctly on the skin, but we will take care of that. Simply upload the image the way you want to see it.

Yes, you can; however, you must create the collage of images yourself. We recommend using if you do not have an editing program of your own. Save the file that you create on your computer and then upload the file with us. Choose the maximum width and fill the sheet with your collage of different images.

Do you not have any images to choose from? Look at pixabay or simular.

Delivery varies between 2-7 working days, depending on the size of the order. If the delivery time is longer we will send out an email with expected delivery information. If you choose express shipping, your order will be shipped within 24 hours.

Depending on where you choose to place the temporary tattoo and how you care for it, it will last for approximately 1-5 days.

The temporary tattoo needs an hour to adhere to the skin firmly. Be extra careful during the first hour. For example, do not shower immediately after applying the tattoo.

The temporary tattoo will not last as long if it is exposed to hot water. A normal shower should not pose a problem, but be careful when drying off not to rub the temporary tattoo with a towel.

Apply the temporary tattoo to a place that is clean, dry and free of hair. Avoid applying the tattoo in folds or where the skin moves a lot. Avoid places that are exposed to dirt, dust or friction. Keep in mind that clothes often give off fibers that will settle on the tattoo. Try to avoid soaps, ointments, and scratching by animals..

When you first apply the temporary tattoo, it will have a bit of a shine. The shine will disappear over time as the tattoo adapts to the skin. If you wish to get rid of the shine immediately, there are some tricks.

Different types of skin will react differently. You can try applying hand spray or some perfume on the tattoo. This may result in the tattoo not lasting as long; however, the tattoo will look more realistic and the shine will disappear.

The temporary tattoo will wear away over time, but if you wish to remove it sooner there are a few ways to do so. You can wash the tattoo away with alcohol or oil (cooking oil works, but shower or baby oil work best). You can also remove the tattoo with hot water and soap or by simply rubbing the tattoo.


Like Ink is an online shop for those who want to buy custom made temporary tattoos. Our sheets of temporary tattoos come in 20×15 cm in paper size A5. You can upload pictures or illustrations yourself, then order your custom made temporary tattoos. We manufacture our temporary tattoos in Sweden and guarantee high quality tattoos and fast delivery.

Like Ink is Sweden’s largest supplier of custom made temporary tattoos and our satisfied customers range from companies, municipalities, print shops, theaters, television stations, happy wedding guests, children, students, tattoo lovers and artists.


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