At Like ink, we love happy customers and during the years we have been active temporary tattoo manufacturers, customer service, fast deliveries, and high-quality temporary tattoos have always been our focus.

At Like ink, we encourage you as a customer to be creative, flirt with the feeling of a real tattoo, and through our temporary tattoos, we hope to contribute to laughter, joy, beautiful memories, and togetherness!

What does Like Ink do?

Like ink is an online store for those who want to buy temporary tattoos with their own design!

Like Ink offers temporary tattoos on A5 sheets. Through our online store, you can upload your own images, photos, or illustrations to order your custom-designed temporary tattoos. You can also order one of our ready-made sheets with tattoo designs created by us or our partners. Like ink collaborates with artists, illustrators, graphic designers, and tattoo artists.

Today, Like ink is likely Sweden’s largest and one of Europe’s most popular providers of custom-designed temporary tattoos, and our satisfied customers range from businesses, municipalities, printing houses, theaters, and TV companies to happy wedding guests, children at parties, students, and people who are getting tattoos.

Temporary tattoos can also be applied to other surfaces, such as glass, Christmas ornaments, Easter eggs, plastic, phone cases, candles, golf balls, and any smooth surface, really. At Like ink, businesses, associations, or individuals can easily and affordably order custom temporary tattoos with their own design. And the more sheets of temporary tattoos you buy, the bigger your discount will be.

Do we have the fastest delivery of temporary tattoos in the world? Quite possibly, we print and send your tattoos within 24 hours!

Like ink temporary tattoo printshop

We manufacture your temporary tattoos at our printshop located in central Malmö, Sweden. Instead of using external manufacturers abroad, we have full control over the entire production. Thanks to our efficient team of printers and post-processors, we can guarantee good quality of our temporary tattoos and fast delivery, with orders often shipped the same day. Our team of printers handles numerous small and large orders every day, and with over ten thousand orders and more than a million printed temporary tattoos under our belt, Like ink is a reliable supplier today.

How did Like ink become Like ink?

Like ink started in 2015 when we, in another company, were looking for custom-designed temporary tattoos for an event. We realized then that it was difficult to find a service for designing your own temporary tattoos in any quantity with fast delivery. It simply wasn’t possible, and a week later, we began building a webshop and learning everything about temporary tattoos. Today, Like ink has several employees, a print shop, and partners all around Europe. Over the years, we have had the honor of working with large companies like Greenpeace, Saab, Ikea, several pharmacies, festivals, political parties, government agencies, municipalities, and thousands of creative individuals.

Many people decide to get tattoos to express themselves, their beliefs, or their feelings – in other words, to show their identity and sense of belonging.

A musician might have a tattoo of a guitar on their arm. An environmentalist may tattoo images of endangered animals on their calves. Couples can tattoo each other’s names over their hearts.

A tattoo can be a way to show what is important in a person’s life. Like Ink started from this passion for tattoos and an idea to offer the feeling you get with a permanent tattoo, but with a temporary tattoo instead. What we fell in love with about temporary tattoos is their playfulness and simplicity. Whether you want to try out a new tattoo idea, create a sense of unity in a team, or dress up for a party, temporary tattoos are a fun and unexpected element.

About Like ink fake tattoos

When it comes to our temporary tattoos, there are two things that have always been in focus.

Firstly, the tattoos should look good! Today, Like ink’s temporary tattoos offer the best possible quality, with crisp, vibrant colors that not only look great but are also durable, easy to apply, and easy to wash off.

The second point that is very important is that the tattoo is safe to use. To ensure this, we work with reliable and large suppliers of the materials and colors we need to use. Like ink’s temporary tattoos comply with COSMETIC REGULATION EU 1223 / 2009, which rightly sets high standards for content. Moreover, we have chemically tested our temporary tattoos, conducted dermatological tests, produced an EN71-3 report, and carried out two extensive safety assessments. When you order tattoos from us at Like ink, you should know that you are getting a high-quality temporary tattoo that looks great, lasts a long time, and is safe for both children and adults to use.

Special orders

With over 20,000 customers under our belt, Like ink is today one of Europe’s largest and most popular providers of custom-designed temporary tattoos.

We have noticed that our product is not just a temporary tattoo. Temporary tattoos are a great way for businesses to make a statement. Temporary tattoos are fun and innovative. Try handing out your company logo as temporary tattoos to employees, customers, and suppliers at your next event or holiday party! Often, temporary tattoos get a lot of exposure on social media, which provides excellent marketing.

We offer free shipping on all orders within Sweden, and you can easily and securely pay via Klarna with a credit card, online banking, or invoice.

We are always happy to hear from our customers and are just an email or phone call away. If you’re ordering temporary tattoos, we at Like ink are your obvious choice of partner!

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