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Tribal tattoos

Everyone wants a tribal tattoo on their lower back or face. Tribal tattoos are often a band around the upper arm, or some people have tribal tattoos across the chest or over their entire arm. If you aren't sure about a permanent tribal tattoo, we recommend trying it as a temporary tattoo. Fake tattoos are perfect for a party, fancy dress or to fool your friends that you've got a tattoo. We've collected some interesting facts about tribal tattoos below.

Facts about tribal tattoos. Tribal tattoos are often tattooed on the upper arms, but are also common on the neck, legs, waist and hands. Most tribal tattoos are done completely in black. Nowadays some tribal tattoos are in colour, but most are still black.

The design of the tribal tattoo has historically often been significant and can signal, strength and various wishes for happiness and courage. Tribal tattoos can also have spiritual significance. Often the actual tattoo ceremony was performed in combination with a priest saying a prayer and doing the tattoo to give the person getting the tattoo strength, courage and other wishes for happiness.

Tattoos often included information about which tribe the tattooed person belonged to and their social status and rank.

Tribal tattoos have had a bit of a bad reputation since they became popular in the 80s. Every other person around the world had a tribal tattoo. If something becomes mainstream, it loses its cultural significance, and in the art world, mainstream is the last thing you want to be. Most tribal tattoos from the 1980s and 2000s have no meaning apart from being cool and looking good.

What is a tribal tattoo?

It's said that tribal tattoos originated in the Samoan archipelago in Polynesia. Tribals have a cultural significance there and tribal tattoos can be traced back thousands of years in the Polymers, Aztecs and places like Hawaii and Maori.

Tribal tattoos come from tribes. Historically, it was common for tribals to symbolise nature, fire, water and different animals depending on which tribe they belonged to and what position they held.

Tribals as tattoo designs and as an art form.

Tribals often follow the body's lines or muscles. A well-placed and expertly executed tribal tattoo done by a talented tattoo artist accentuates the body in a completely different way to a realistic portrait tattoo, for example. Another advantage of tattooed patterns and tribals is that it's often easy to add on to the tattoo over time. For example, if you have a tribal tattoo on your upper arm, you can easily add to the tattoo until it covers your whole arm, one bit at a time.

Tribal Tattoos as Fake tattoos

A tribal tattoo can be playful and cover as much of your body as you like. A tribal tattoo can be spread out all over your body or you can build a large tribal tattoo on your arm. Tattoo your arm with tribal fake tattoos or even try a temporary tattoo on your neck or face and remember that we'd love you to tag @likeinkse on social media. Our fake tattoos are easy to apply and last for one to seven days depending on where you place your tattoo and how well you look after it. Do you think tribal tattoos will come back in fashion?