Tattoos of flowers and plants

Tattoos on A5 sheets with animal and flower designs, and other designs inspired by nature. The best of both worlds. World-class temporary tattoos with lovely nature designs. All our temporary tattoos are vegan and we use Nordic Swan Eco-labelled dye when we print our temporary tattoos.

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We climate compensate all shipments and all delivery notes and envelopes are made of environmentally friendly materials. Taking care of each other and of nature is important to us and that's why this category is full of high-quality tattoos.

Tattoos of flowers and plants have always been popular, partly because different plants symbolise different things but also because they're beautiful.

Did you know that the rose, a common tattoo design, is a symbol of happiness, perfection and completeness? In Western culture, the rose has the same meaning as the lotus flower - a symbol of beauty, life and purity.

If you'd rather have a tattoo of your own pet, a favourite plant or a tattoo of a flower of any size, you can easily upload your own design. Have a fantastic day!