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Old school tattoos are classic tattoo designs have been popular for a long time or are designs that were common "a while ago". Old School tattoos, "traditional" tattoos originated in the 1890s but this tattoo style didn't become popular until around 1920. At that time, there were a lot of tattoo parlours around naval bases in the United States. The Old School tattoo became a symbol of courage and personality and the style spread around tattooed sailors all over the world.

After the Second World War, this tattoo style became even more popular, mainly because the old school tattoos symbolise rebellion. Rockabilly music also started around this time and musicians and fans often had tattoos.

We love almost all tattoo styles but old school designs never go out of fashion, and if you love tattoos you should probably have some classic tattoo designs on your body! Order your favourite tattoos with old school designs. Have a fantastic day!