Tattoos for kids featuring the design of your choice.

Children’s tattoos for all occasions. Create your own tattoo designs with individual designs or motifs. We use environmentally friendly material and all our rub-on tattoos are anti-allergy and thoroughly tested.

Kids love tattoos!

We have tattoos perfect for children’s parties, fancy dress, Halloween or any occasion when your child wants to dress up.
Add an individual extra touch of fun to a children’s party or event with a themed tattoo.

Anti-allergy kid’s tattoos

Your Like ink tattoo is made of environmentally friendly glue, paper and ink. Like ink’s children’s tattoos are anti-allergy and throughly tested. Our tattoos are recommended and can be used by children over three without any risk of allergies. We recommend our tattoos for children over three not because of skin reactions in under threes, but because they might eat them!

How long will a kid’s tattoo stay on?

Our children’s tattoos stay on for 1-14 days depending on skin type and tattoo placement. The tattoos are easily washed off with soap and water so you can remove them anytime you want after application.

Individual design children’s tattoos.

All kids are different so a unique rub-on tattoo is the perfect solution.
Like ink’s bestselling tattoos let you upload the design of your choice, which we send to you in the size and number you need.
Some kids want the same tattoo as their idol or parent, a motif of their own design or a photo. Some children love dogs, horses, aeroplanes or want a design from a computer game or comic. Whatever you choose, upload the design of your choice and we’ll send your tattoos within 24 hours.

Our kid’s tattoos were part of a big campaign

In the summer we collaborated successfully with one of Sweden’s biggest pharmacies: Apotek Hjärtat.

The idea behind the campaign was to help reduce infected insect bites with tattoos.
Children can find it difficult not to scratch bites from mosquitoes, ticks, horse flies and wasps.
Apotek Hjärtat collaborated with a leading tattooist to design a tattoo with a motif that incorporates the bite into the tattoo. The tattoo reminds kids not to scratch, so the bites heal faster.
Sp simple and smart – the campaign was a huge success!
The tattoos are created by tattoo artist Victoria Sundqvist and have been distributed for free at Apotek Hjärtat beginning in the middle of June. Find out more information hereApotek hjärtat.


Tattoo your child with a telephone number

A great idea for kids’ tattoos is a tattoo with an adult’s phone number so you feel safe if your child gets lost and needs help ringing home.
Children’s tattoos can be used for a range of occasions, and are popular with and fun for kids and adults.

Easy to apply

  1. Cut out the motif, leaving as little round the edges as possible.
  2. Remove the protective plastic.
  3. Place the sticky side on the skin where you want the tattoo to be.
  4. Wet the tattoo with a lukewarm cloth or hold it under running water for around 20 seconds.
  5. Remove the paper.
  6. Wear it like a rockstar!