Watercolor Bird tattoos A5


Bird motifs painted with watercolor give you a fake tattoo that looks almost like a real tattoo. Nice bird tattoos with birds like parrot, flamingo and a nice owl.
Birds have always been popular as tattoos and symbolize freedom, something that many strive for – Free as a bird. A tattooed owl symbolizes wisdom – Wise as an owl.
So what does a flamingo tattoo mean? A flamingo symbolizes elegance, wealth, balance and beauty but also protection and family. This is because flamingos stay together all their lives and that both male and female take care of the young flamingo birds.
In addition, birds are beautiful animals that can be drawn on lots of different sets in lots of different playful colors.

We print and send your fake bird tattoos within 24 hours!

Sheet size: A5
Number of birds: 15
Size large flamingo: 4X9cm