Blackout Tattoo A5


Dive into the deepest black with Like ink’s “Blackout Tattoo sheet.” This product is designed to allow everyone to embrace the contemporary Blackout tattoo trend without the commitment of permanency. Like ink’s fake tattoos are dermatologically tested, ensuring a safe and gentle experience for your skin. Moreover, our tattoos are incredibly easy to apply, so you can quickly showcase and even wash away your new style.

Like ink’s version of a Blackout tattoo, a pitch-black sheet where the entire surface functions as a fake tattoo. Cut and paste different patterns or cover a larger area with this Blackout tattoo.

About BlackOut Tattoos:
Blackout is a tattoo style where an entire body part is tattooed black, be it a black arm, black leg, or black half-tattoo. It’s common for individuals to opt for a blackout tattoo rather than removing an older tattoo with laser treatment, leading to the emergence of this rapidly growing tattoo trend. The tattoo can be entirely black or patterned.
BlackOut tattoos, in recent years, have emerged as a powerful art form and style in the tattoo world. It represents more than just an extensive black marking on the skin; it’s a bold statement, a reflection of inner feelings, and an homage to the power of simplicity. Many choose BlackOut tattoos to cover older tattoos and start anew, while others see it as a meditative choice, a reminder of purity, unity, and limitlessness.
With Like ink’s “BlackOut” A5 sheet, you can approach this powerful art form on your terms. Discover the beauty of simplicity and the bold contrast of BlackOut on your skin, without the permanent commitment.
We thought it would be a bit fun to introduce a completely black sheet, which at first glance might seem dull, but with some imagination and scissors, it’s easy to create impressive patterns and tribals.

Size: A5: 196X140mm.

Weight 0.01 kg
Dimensions 33 × 23 × 3 cm