Celtic Tattoos A5


This is an exciting tattoo sheet featuring designs inspired by Celtic and Viking cultures – Celtic tattoos with a Viking theme, to put it simply! These fake tattoos combine the iconic symbols and patterns from both Celtic and Viking traditions, creating a unique and powerful design. Celtic tattoos can have different meanings and symbolism for the individual wearing them, but they are often associated with strength, creativity, spirituality, and a connection to nature.
Each tattoo is carefully designed to give you an authentic sense of both Celtic and Viking traditions.

Order Celtic tattoos from Like ink

Our fake tattoos are easy to apply and look great. They are also safe for the skin and comply with all cosmetic regulations.

Order our Celtic tattoos with a Viking theme today and experience the fascinating cultural fusion that these fake tattoos represent!

All tattoos are made by Swedish Vikings and we ship your order within 24 hours.

Sheet size: A5
Number of tattoos: 15
Tattoo size: 2-7 cm