Like Ink Christmas Collection 2023 A5


Get ready to dance around the Christmas tree with Like Ink’s holiday collection of temporary tattoos! Fake tattoos are a fun addition to the season’s festivities and what’s unusual and amusing here is the Christmas motifs with a genuine tattoo feel.

Spread joy, open up for conversation and laughter with the tattoos from Like Ink’s holiday collection

Our sheet of tattoos is filled to the brim with designs that are sure to attract attention and maybe a laugh or two. From the mischievous elves taking a wild ride on their motorcycles to the tough skull wearing a Santa hat.
Among our tattoo artworks, you will find the cheeky text “Due to inflation, this is my Christmas ugly Sweater,” which suggests that Christmas can be celebrated in many ways. This tattoo will definitely be a conversation starter.

Like Ink’s temporary tattoos are printed on premium sheets that are easy to apply and long-lasting. The tattoos are skin-friendly, vegan, and safe for all ages, making them an ideal Christmas gift or as part of your own “Christmassy” outfit.
The application is simple: Cut out your favorite design, remove the protective paper, place against the skin, wet with water, press down and voilà! Within minutes, you have an impressive tattoo that will stay fresh for several days.

Sheet Size: A5
Number of Tattoos: 14
Tattoo Size: 3-7 cm