Diamond tattoos A5


Our sheets of fake tattoos are 20×14 cm in size and this sheet is filled with diamonds in different colors and sizes. We print and send your diamond tattoos within 24 hours!

The small diamonds are intended to fit perfectly on fingers, behind the ear, or perhaps discreetly on the wrist, or to be built together to create larger clusters, while the larger ones, about 4 cm, are more visible.

Order a sheet of beautiful diamond tattoos in different colors and sizes

Meaning of diamond tattoos?
A diamond tattoo can have different meanings depending on who wears it and why. For some people, diamond tattoos can symbolize strength, elegance, purity, and indestructibility due to the hardness and impenetrability of diamonds. For others, diamond tattoos can represent beauty, luxury, and wealth, as diamonds have been a sought-after gemstone throughout history. However, it is important to note that tattoos always have a personal meaning for the person wearing them and can be interpreted in different ways by different people.

All tattoos from us at Like ink are made in Sweden and are easy to apply and wash off. The fake tattoos look great, are vegan and allergy-friendly.

Sheet size: A5
Number of tattoos: 50:ish
Tattoo size: 1-4.5 cm