Heraldic Dragons A5


Tattoo sheet with heraldic dragons drawn by a really good illustrator in Uzbekistan. Tattooing a dragon has always been popular and dragons symbolize, among other things, courage, strength and power. Heraldic dragons are often used in various emblems and on signs and coats of arms of universities, sports associations and also of certain noble families.
The heraldic dragon is usually portrayed from the side with outstretched claws and wings.
A dragon is a fairy tale animal and is most often described as a flying mix between a snake and a lizard with supernatural powers.

We have put together a bunch of nice heraldic dragons as temporary tattoos and the tattoos are applied quickly and easily to both skin and other surfaces.
Good and safe quality tattoos that last a long time!

Sheet size: A5
Number of dragons: 7
Size of the largest dragon: about 10X7 cm