Leaves and twigs A5


Temporary tattoos with motifs, hand-painted twigs, leaves and flowers. Plants and leaves are a very common tattoo motif and it is probably mainly because they are nice to look at. Many of us also have a favorite plant and associate certain plants with special people and places. Different plants also have different meanings, in Feng Shui the Monstera is used to create happiness and stimulate big dreams!

Here you get a lot of nice tattoo motifs of leaves, plants and twigs to choose from. Perfect if you are thinking of getting a real tattoo. You can choose to have a small twig on the wrist or build together all the motifs into a half sleeve.

Our temporary tattoos last 1-7 days, look realistic and are easy to use. We will send your order within 24 hours.

Sheet size: A5
Number of tattoos: 26
Size of the largest tattoo: about 6X7cm