Upload an image and we’ll fill an A5 sheet with appropriate sizes suited for golf balls. 50-100 pieces depending on the design.
You will receive 50-100 temporary tattoos for your golf balls depending on the design.

Here’s how to mark your golf ball with temporary tattoos:

– Cut out the design from the sheet with as small a margin as possible.
– Peel off the plastic film and place the sticky side on the golf ball.
– Press down so that the entire design contacts the ball. Press for a few seconds and work the design onto the ball.
– Wet with a sponge/cloth and press gently.
– After about 20 seconds, the paper will slide off and you’re done!

How big should temporary tattoos for golf balls be!

A golf ball’s dimensions and weight must follow certain standards to be approved according to the rule book. The diameter may be a maximum of 42.76 mm and the weight must not exceed 45.93 grams. The golf ball’s surface is provided with indentations which in English are termed as “dimples”. When it comes to the print size of the designs, we recommend a maximum of 2X2 cm for square motifs, and if you choose to use text or a more elongated design
choose a maximum of 3 cm in length. We think 1.5 cm is a reasonable size for marking golf balls. Be sure to press the motif firmly onto the ball so that all parts of the design make contact. It’s a bit fiddly but a good way to mentally prepare for the next game.

Why should you mark the golf ball?

There is a rule in golf, 6-5, which states that each player is responsible for playing the correct ball and that each player should put an identification mark on the ball. You can do this by having personally printed balls or by somehow marking your balls. The marking should be unique and be able to be linked to you.

So you mark your golf ball

The player should put an identification mark on the ball that will be played and there are loads of different ways to do it.

– This is where we at Like ink come into the picture! We offer temporary tattoos/water tattoos with any design. Our temporary tattoos are easy to apply and stay well on both golf balls, your skin, and other smooth surfaces.

Print on golf ball:

There are many of course also other ways that you can mark your ball, one more creative than the other. The most common is to order pre-printed golf balls. It’s also what holds up absolutely best, the downside is that you often have to order large volumes. There are also golf ball stamps of various kinds and different marking templates intended for golf balls, a type of stencil adapted to fit the size of the golf ball. The most common, however, is to mark one’s golf ball by scribbling a line with a marking pen/marker pen.

Golf ball with your own logo! If you are going to organize a golf tournament for your friends, employees, customers, or colleagues, personal temporary tattoos are super fun. Like ink’s temporary water tattoos work perfectly on the golf ball but also on the skin, the water bottle, and the like. The personal markings will enhance the team spirit and make the whole complete. If you’re going to order printed golf balls, there’s often a large minimum volume which makes it costly and unnecessary. Instead, order temporary tattoos with your and your customers’ logos or create a logo for the event. An A5 sheet with optional tattoos costs 98 kr and if you choose to make each motif 2X2 cm then there are over 50 motifs on one sheet. So treat the participants in the competition to personally marked golf balls. It will be a fun giveaway, we promise!

A temporary tattoo for golf balls!

With custom-designed motifs in the form of water tattoos, you can easily create funny, fun, creative marking of your golf ball. The water tattoos serve as a perfect ball marker and are appreciated by golfers all over the world.

How long do temporary tattoos last on golf balls?

What our golfing customers usually say is that the water tattoos/the marking lasts much better than they thought. As long as you apply the temporary tattoo design correctly, the motifs hold up super well. If you don’t play the ball, the motif lasts forever, but that’s not the intention. The water tattoo itself consists of pigment, adhesive, and a thin plastic film. If the plastic film breaks, the motif wears down, and if you hit the motif with a stroke and when the ball lands on something hard, it naturally breaks. Temporary tattoos are therefore not a permanent solution but are a fun way to create unique golf balls that hold up reasonably well. Our customers are satisfied and we have hundreds of returning customers who buy their temporary tattoos from us to mark golf balls.