Natural Born Griller tattoos A5


You can order temporary tattoos from Like ink in sheets. Temporary tattoos are also called fake tattoos. We’ll print and send your tattoos within 24 hours!
We have lots of ready-made fake tattoos and you can also upload your chosen design and order temporary tattoos with your own design from us.

We hope you like the design/tattoos on this sheet with product name “Natural Born Griller tattoos A5”. Thank you very much for ordering your temporary tattoos from Like ink.

Natural Born Griller tattoos! We’ll print and send your temporary tattoos within 24 hours!

Size of tattoo:
Our sheet of temporary tattoos is 20X14 cm and filled with the tattoos on the product image.

How long does a temporary tattoo last and how does it work?
Our temporary tattoos last for one to ten days depending on where you place your tattoo and how well you look after it. Fake tattoos are easy to apply and wash off and you’ll get instructions with your order.

– Trim the individual Tattoo close to the image
– Remove clear film liner from adhesive
– Place the Tattoo in the desired position
– Apply water with a wet sponge or towel
– After 15 seconds remove the wet paper
– Done. Have fun and enjoy!
– Apply baby powder for a matte finish if desired.

Other information!

We send orders daily all around the world from our printers in Malmö, Sweden. We’ll print and send your tattoos within 24 hours but the normal delivery time outside Sweden is 5-10 days. Order your tattoos in plenty of time.

Are fake tattoos environmentally friendly?
The tattoos are vegan and the environment is really important for us here at Like ink. All the components are free from PVC and PCB.
We climate compensate all shipments and use paint, envelopes and printed materials that are Nordic Eco-labelled, safe for you and good for the environment.
We follow EC1223-2009 Cosmetics Regulations.

Have a fantastic day!

Like ink – Real Fake Tattoos!