Official Swedish Ink Fake Tattoos


Official Swedish Ink Temporary Tattoos: Like Ink’s temporary tattoos are a tribute to the artistry and community spirit that flourishes within the tattoo world. We at Like Ink are thrilled to see serious tattoo artists and the tattoo community coming together in partnership with us at Like Ink. The collaboration with Marcus, who runs Official Swedish Ink, is proof and an example that even tattoo artists, tattoo collectors, and tattoo enthusiasts think that fake tattoos are pretty fun and an alternative way to enjoy being tattooed without having to get a permanent tattoo.

Order fake tattoos in collaboration with Official Swedish Ink and designs drawn by tattoo artist Patrik Sjöstjärna

This sheet of temporary tattoos contains the logo for Official Swedish Ink along with original designs created by the talented tattoo artist Patrik Sjöstjärna. It is a canvas of creativity, available to anyone who appreciates the art of ink on skin, even if just for a few days.
Official Swedish Ink, led by Marcus Andersson, is more than just an Instagram account. It’s a hub for tattoo artists, enthusiasts, and for all who are tattooed or looking to get tattooed. This platform is rich with continuous updates on the tattoo scene in Sweden, offering a stream of information about fairs, events, and news within the tattooing world. It’s a source of inspiration and a treasure trove of tips for finding exceptional tattoo artists. So whether you are a tattoo collector, a tattoo artist, or just like to look at tattoos, it’s definitely worth checking out and following @officialswedishink on Instagram.

The tattoos on this sheet are drawn with the finesse Patrik Sjöstjärna is known for, and he brings his expertise from his studios in Borås and Skövde to an even broader audience. This collaboration with Like Ink is proof of the shared passion and dedication to the craft, making the beauty of tattoos available to all, whether you want to explore the art temporarily or book a time for a real tattoo.

Official Swedish Ink: @Officialswedishink
Patrik: @patriktattoos, studio in Skövde and Borås.

Sheet Size: A5
Tattoo Sizes: 3-10 cm