Oldschool Tattoo Set A5


This beautiful sheet of fake tattoos is designed by the artist Helen Adamova in Bulgaria. You get a nice collection with classic tattoos like a swallow, horseshoe, and a nice skull butterfly.

What is the symbolism of having a tattooed swallow? From the beginning, the swallow symbolizes that a sailor has sailed five thousand English miles. Today, tattooed swallows are more often associated with return.
The swallow as a symbol and tattoo is anchored in two ideas. The first known explanation for the swallow was about a swallow that always returned home to the city of San Juan Capistrano. Secondly, it was believed that if a person died at sea, the birds would carry their soul back home to heaven. Return.

We print and send this nice fake tattoo sheet within 24h. High resolution images and good quality fake tattoos.

Sheet size: A5
Number of motives: 31
Largest tattoo: 6X4cm