Popeye temporary tattoos A5


Our temporary tattoo sheets are 20X14 cm in size and filled with the design pictured. We print and ship your order within 24 hours!

Order Popeye tattoos with anchors, spinach and the classic Popeye corn cob pipe

Popeye is a sailor who constantly smokes his corn pipe, gets incredibly strong when he eats spinach and has anchors tattooed on his arms.
Popeye the Sailor Man is a fictional cartoon character created by Elzie Crisler Segar. Popeye first appeared in 1929.

Since Popeye is one of the few fictional characters with tattoos, he is of course one of Like ink’s personal favorite characters!

This sheet of fake tattoos gives you everything you need in the way of tattoos to dress up as Popeye at your next masquerade, Halloween party, or maybe for a photo session at the gym or at sea.

The sheet contains two large Popeye anchors for the forearms and two smaller anchors, a tattoo with the text in love spinach, the text Ship Ahoy, Karl-Alfred’s archenemy Bluto and of course Karl-Alfred’s corncob in both original color and black.

So with anchors on your forearms, a corncob on your cheek and some other tattoos, you’re ready to take on the role of the strong sailor Karl-alfred with gusto.

Ship Ahoy!

Sheet size: A5
Number of tattoos: 12
Size largest anchor: 7X5 cm