Prison tattoos A5


The designs are designed by K3star, a passionate vector artist from Moscow, Russia. With a sheet of temporary tattoos, prison-themed tattoos, you can easily turn your look into a real jailbird.

What really characterizes a prison tattoo is that it is made in a prison, usually by very simple means. The tattoos are usually graphically simple, a bit crooked, not completely smooth and the often the tattoos are only in one color. There is also a whole symbolic language behind certain motives, especially in Russian prisons.
Killers often mark themselves with skulls, knives and similar brutal and morbid images. Another classic in prisons is to tattoo a pair of eyes and it shows that you keep track of and monitor other prisoners and criminal activities. This type of eye tattoo is mainly used by high-ranking prisoners.
What does cobwebs mean as a tattoo?
If you have an insect in a cobweb tattooed on your body, it shows that you are stuck in a drug addiction that you will probably never be able to get out of.
In this sheet you get motifs with rose in handcuffs, knife and skull, rose behind bars, cobwebs and lines to mark the number of days, years or similar that you have been locked in.

We at Like ink are very interested in tattoos and the history of tattoos, so no matter what you think about crime and prison tattoos, it is an important part of the art form of tattoos.

We print and ship your order within 24 hours. Stay safe.

Sheet size: A5
Number of tattoos: 10
Knife with skull size : 13X4 cm