Flash “Unicum Gallery” by Sagie Art


This sheet has been designed by the tattoo artist and graffiti artist Sagie Tattoo! It’s really great to be able to offer these colorful tattoo artworks in the form of quality temporary tattoos.

Order temporary tattoos designed by Sagie Tattoo.

This is Christofer ”Sagie”: Christofer is a recognizably talented graffiti painter and tattoo artist. He works every day in his own studio, Unikum Gallery in Jönköping. Christofer works a lot with watercolor tattoos and styles that are close to graffiti and street art, preferably with a bit of color outside the lines. Sagie has been working with tattoos for over 10 years and has been involved with graffiti for almost three decades!
The finished sheets from Like inks with temporary tattoos are approximately 20×14 cm and are filled with the designs you see in the image. We print and send your sheet of tattoos within 24 hours after your order.

Sheet size: A5
Tattoo size: 6-10 cm

Contact Christofer:


Unikum Gallery

Fornkullegatan 2, Jönköping