Spider tattoos A5


Do you like spiders or are you one of the many who have spider phobia? If you want to change your appearance significantly or fool grandma that you got a tattoo, we can recommend a spider tattoo on your face.

When we were reading about spider tattoos and their meaning, we found so much information that it is not reasonable to reproduce in a text about a sheet of fake tattoos. To name a few, a spider tattoo symbolizes power, harmony, knowledge, fertility, protection and wisdom. It seems that a spider tattoo is not only scary and a study on tattoos shows that the spider tattoo is equally popular among both women and men.

Here you get twelve black spiders and our fake tattoos last a long time and look realistic. We will send your order within 24 hours!

Sheet size: A5
Number of spiders: 12
Size: 4-5 cm