Suger skull Tattoos A5


Tattoo sheet with eleven temporary tattoos with motifs of various so-called Suger Skulls.
Suger Skulls originates from the Mexican tattoo culture and it is often colorful skull tattoos where the eyes are exchanged for flowers and the skull itself is filled with different symbols, flowers and patterns.
What does a Suger Skull Tattoo mean?
The purpose of a suger skulltattoo is to honor and celebrate people who have passed away, as a tribute to their lives. The tattoos also symbolize rebirth into the next step of life which removes the sad aspect of death.
Most people probably tattoo these motifs because they are beautiful to look at, Suger Skulle become popular in the early 2000s (at least in Sweden).
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Size: A5
Number of tattoos: 11
Largest tattoo: 7X9 cm