Fake Tattoos ‘Colorful Women’ by Angie Art


Experience the beauty of Angie Art’s artistic world with our exclusive A5 sheet filled with six unique temporary tattoos of women. This handpicked collection of illustrations showcases vibrant tattoos of women, each one a unique piece of art created by the talented Angie Art. Perfect for those who want to express their creative side or experiment with a temporary artwork on their skin. Be inspired and transform your skin into a moving gallery with these eye-catching fake tattoos from Like ink.

Order temporary tattoos of artistically drawn women and wear art on your skin in the form of a temporary tattoo canvas.

About Angelina: A passionate artist from Stockholm.
She has always been creative, coming from a creative family where color and form have always been encouraged.
With a background as a hairdresser and then many years working in the finance industry, Angelina found a fantastic way to relax in the evenings – through painting.
She quickly built up a large portfolio of art, and shortly after, she started a company, released three collections, and began selling more extensively during 2022 and 2023.
Now she is living her dream with one foot still in the finance industry and the other in the art world.

Today, she both paints and releases collections of products such as trays, pillows, and coasters sold by retailers around the country, and now, finally, her art is available as tattoos with us at Like ink.

Her art is abstract, colorful, often featuring nudity with a focus on women. It’s an interpretation of strength and passion, and for Angelina, it’s important to convey joy and positivity in her art.
Most recognize Angelina’s art from the heart-shaped lips that appear in many of her paintings.
Angelina often draws her inspiration from everyday environments and impressions from the recent days right there and then.

More projects and collaborations are planned for the coming years, so follow Angelina’s journey!

Sheet size: A5
Tattoo size: 6-7 cm