Viking Alphabet A5


Discover the fun and creativity with our temporary tattoos! With tattoos from the Viking Alphabet sheet, you’ll get 25 designs, each approximately 2 cm tall. Each tattoo is inspired by the powerful Viking culture. These temporary tattoos are perfect for applying on your fingers and can also be combined to create names, clusters of letters, or personal messages. With quick application and easy use, you can let your creativity flow and let the runes tell your own story. Treat yourself or someone else to an authentic Viking-inspired style with these high-quality temporary tattoos. Even the regular letters are included and can be used as temporary tattoos.

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A brief about the Viking Alphabet and its letters as tattoos:
The Viking Alphabet, also known as runes, held deep symbolic meaning for the Vikings. Having the Viking Alphabet as tattoos is a way to honor and connect with Nordic culture and history. Each rune represented a specific sound/letter but also had deeper symbolism and often signified different strengths, powers, or characteristics. The runes were used to write the language spoken in the Norse regions by the Vikings. By wearing these runes as tattoos, one can convey a message, personal belief, or even express their love for the Viking era and its heritage. Viking Alphabet tattoos are a form of art and self-expression that allows the wearer to explore and showcase their connection to the ancient Viking society.
Our tattoos are allergy-tested and comply with all cosmetic regulations. They are easy to apply and wash off. If you’re attending a Viking-themed party, these fake tattoos are a must-have!

Sheet Size: A5
Number of tattoos: 25
Tattoo size: 2 cm