Wedding tattoos A5


Are you getting married? Are someone you know getting married? Are you planning a bachelorette party or a bachelor party?
Then you need soma good looking fake tattoos!
Here at Like ink you can order nice wedding tattoos and it is guaranteed to be a success at the party.
You can send out the tattoos for the wedding together with the invitation cards, hand out when the gestures arrive or maybe build a temporary tattoo studio?

In this sheet you get a set of nice tattoos with a wedding theme such as, wedding ring, diamond ring, a wedding cake, heels, champagne glasses, hearts and beautiful flowers. Handing out tattoos to the wedding party’s guests, at a bachelor party or bachelorette party makes the party more memorable and it is guaranteed to raise the party atmosphere a step or two. We have several ready-made sheets with love theme as temporary tattoos perfect for weddings.

Do you want to design your own tattoos for a wedding?
Here at Like ink, you can also order custom temporary tattoos for your wedding! Maybe a photo of the bride and groom, an illustration, a wedding seal, a picture of something that symbolizes the bride and groom, a nice text or something completely different! If you are going to order self-designed tattoos as a fun thing for bachelorette parties or bachelorette parties, it is usually fun to go all in and design some crazy tattoos!
We print and send your beautiful tattoos within 24 hours.

When planning a wedding, there is a lot to think about and we at Like ink are happy to help you with everything that you need printed and also graphic design.
If you need help with an invitation card, thank you card or other printed material, we can also help you with that through a partner, get in touch via email and we will help you further.

Sheet size: A5
Number of wedding tattoos: About 30
Size largest YES. About 45mm.