Yoga symbols A5


Temporary tattoo sheets filled with various yoga symbols. Like ink fake tattoos can easily be applied to your skin but also to other surfaces such as candles, a computer, mugs and glasses. So with the yoga tattoos in this sheet, you can create a wonderful atmosphere for the next yoga or meditation session.

You get classic and nice yoga symbols like the lotus flower, Aum (Om), a hand with a six-pointed star and many other nicely illustrated symbols.

Yoga means “union” or to “join” in Sanskrit. Other words that describe yoga are “unity”, “union” or “linking together”. Yoga often aims to unite body, mind and soul. Yoga is about becoming one with oneself and one’s surroundings and in addition it is a fantastic form of exercise. We like yoga and have therefore put together a sheet with nice yoga symbols.

We print and send your yoga tattoos “yoga symbols” within 24 hours. Our temporary tattoos are of good quality and are simple and safe to use.

Sheet size: A5
Number of yoga tattoos: 19
Tattoo size: 3-5 cm