Barbie tattoos A5


A sheet filled with 20 single-use tattoos is exactly what you need to put that extra finishing touch on your Barbie costume. This collection of temporary tattoos is an excellent accessory for those looking to dress up as Barbie, and completes the style perfectly for a masquerade, Halloween party, or for a Barbie movie night.

Order stylish and hypoallergenic Barbie fake tattoos from Like ink

We print and send your Barbie tattoos within 24 hours, and the tattoos are easy to apply, hypoallergenic, and moreover, really stylish!
The sheet contains several variations of Barbie logos but also pink diamonds, glasses, a perfume bottle, and a Barbie silhouette.

Sheet size: A5
Number of tattoos: 20
Tattoo size: 2-6 cm