Djurens Rätt Vegan Vibes


Support animal rights with fake tattoos from us at Like ink!
Like ink prints stylish, vegan, and allergy-tested fake tattoos that are now labeled with Djurens Rätt’s I’M VEGAN.

Right now, we have a campaign together with Djurens Rätt! 30% of the revenue from pre-designed sheets in the Djurens Rätt category in Like ink’s webshop goes towards Djurens Rätt’s work to improve conditions for the animals in Sweden who have it the worst.

Order fake tattoos “Vegan Vibes” and support Djurens Rätt

An A5 sheet costs 11 euros, and the more sheets you order, the bigger the discount! Start shopping now and remember to tag all photos of these fake tattoos with @likeinkse on Instagram and TikTok, we will donate an additional 1 euro per tag and, of course, share your photo as well.

Sheet size: A5
Tattoo size: 3-7cm