Naturskydds-föreningen tattoos A5


Like Ink prints stylish, vegan, and allergy-tested fake tattoos, and right now we are collaborating with Naturskyddsföreningen. Like Ink is a supporting company for Naturskyddsföreningen, and to do that “little extra,” we also donate 30% of the revenue from all sold sheets that have Naturskyddsföreningen in the product name.

Order temporary tattoos in support of Naturskyddsföreningen’s great work for animals and nature

This sheet contains beautifully illustrated tattoo designs of lynx, wolf, white-backed woodpecker, eagle, bees, and dolphins.
An A5 sheet costs 98 SEK, and you get a discount the more sheets you order! Shop now and remember to tag all pictures of these fake tattoos with @likeinkse on Instagram and TikTok. We donate an extra 10 SEK per tag and, of course, also share your picture.

Illustrator: Ellen Pääjärvi Våg
Sheet size: A5
Number of tattoos: 15
Size: 3-10 cm