Red Flag Tattoos A5


Red Flag tattoos on A5 sheets. We print and ship your tattoos within 24 hours. We don’t mean to offend anyone who has these tattoos, but the designs included in this sheet are the most commonly red-flagged tattoo motifs identified in numerous surveys worldwide.

Order Red Flag tattoos. These temporary tattoos are perfect for parties, bachelor parties, and costume events.

Like ink’s temporary Red Flag tattoos are easy to cut out, apply, and wash off. We hope the tattoos will bring lots of laughs, entertaining tattoo tales, and a good time!

10 Red Flag tattoos, each flagged for different reasons. You decide which ones they are.

Sheet size: A5
Tattoo sizes:
Only God Can Judge Me tattoo: 19 cm
Carpe Diem tattoo: 6 cm
Yolo tattoo: 5 cm
Cannabis leaf tattoo: 3.5 cm
Mouth with joint: 6 cm
American flag tattoo: 9 cm
Chinese character tattoo with unclear meaning: 6 cm
Beer-drinking cartoon figures: 5 cm
Make Today Count tattoo: 5 cm