Pirate adventure tattoos A5


Are you ready for a pirate adventure? This sheet of hand-drawn designs contains most of what is associated with the life as a pirate. You get binoculars, coins, a treasure map, a bottle of rum and classic tattoo motives such as an anchor, a skull and a ship.

What does a lighthouse tattoo mean? The function of a lighthouse is to help sailors find their way to the shoreline and highlight dangers that can hide in shallow water. A lighthouse as a tattoo means that light appears or can appear in the dark. So in a way, a tattooed lighthouse means hope and that even in the most difficult moments, there is a light that can help you and show the way. A lighthouse means positive progress and helps us show the way in the dark when everything feels difficult. A lighthouse is also nice to look at!

We print and send your temporary tattoos within 24 hours.

Sheet size: A5
Number of motives: 17 motives
Tattoo size: The ship is 9X9 cm