Flash “Watercolor Flashes” by Malin Carper


Like ink’s ready sheets of temporary tattoos are approximately 20×14 cm in size and filled with the design you see in the picture. We print and ship your fake tattoo sheet within 24 hours after you have ordered.

Order fake tattoos in watercolor style, “Watercolor tattoos” designed by the tattoo artist Malin Carper.

This sheet is designed by the talented tattoo artist Malin Carper at Bad Mood Tattoo in Helsingborg. It’s super fun to be able to offer tattoo art from Malin, who is one of the coolest tattoo artists we’ve seen! Order a sheet of rub-on tattoos to wear her art for a couple of days, and if you are interested in a real tattoo, check out Malin’s Instagram or website.

This is Malin: My name is Malin Carper, and I am originally from Arboga. Now, I work at Bad Mood Tattoo in Helsingborg. I prefer working in color realism with a touch of abstract.
I have been in the tattoo industry since 2010 and during all these years, I have traveled a lot to many exciting places. I have guest worked with other skilled tattoo artists, tattooed at tattoo fairs, tattooed musicians, and I have met lots of good friends! I could not have wished for anything better from the tattoo profession! I hope you like my little flashes, some of the tattoos in this sheet I have tattooed.

All the best,


Sheet size: A5
Tattoo size: 4-10 cm

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Bad Mood Tattoo


Nedre Långvinkelsgatan 17, 25220 Helsingborg